Is only Peking Duck skin served?

Many people believe that eating Peking Duck means tasting only its thin-sliced skin. But in Beijing, the home of the Duck, it is common to taste thick meat. Chinese cafe Eight also gives you this experience.

Please enjoy a whole duck
Great portion from a duck
Thick fleshly cut

What is Peking Duck like?

Peking (=Beijing) Duck is a representative Chinese dish, which roasts a whole seasoned duck.
The fattier the duck is, the tastier it becomes. That is the reason only a Peking duck and its improved breeds will be used to prepare the dish.
The way to eat Peking Duck is different depending on the regions, such as putting it between slices of bread or rolling it in thin crust. In our restaurant, you can experience the Beijing style, wrapping the duck slice in thin steamed pancakes called Kao Ya Bing (烤鸭饼).
In China, Peking Duck is not always considered as an expensive dish. People enjoy eating it casually, but with a luxurious feeling.

Peking Duck is served in front of you
We are sure that you will enjoy
Beijing style: wrap the duck with Kao Ya Bing

Is peking Duck good for your health?

Let’s go on a diet with the Duck

Special Peking Duck served by Chinese cafe Eight

First, we serve a whole roasted Peking Duck in front of your table. And our chef gives you a higher enthusiasm for his next performance―carving the duck.
Please feel free to take pictures, as if you are making a trip abroad. Peking duck entertains you in many ways―It is a feast for your eyes, an enjoyment for your tongue and a treasure for your health.
We spend two whole days to prepare for seasoning the ducks. After that the duck will be kindly prepared in an exclusive oven. This is how a mouth-watering thick slice of the duck will come to your table! The rest of its meat and bone is also served as stir-fried dish and stock soup.
If you come here with 3-4 friends, you can enjoy all these dishes as a main course.
Experience the best Peking Duck with us.
Even people from China were impressed by our duck!

Feel free to take pictures together

The oven is only used for Peking Duck

You can get all of this for \2,888

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